Backgammon Board Set-up

If you have ever played checkers, then you can learn to play the game backgammon. Backgammon is very similar to the checkers. It is basically the same concept, only with a little twist. Backgammon boards set up is easy and takes little or no time at all. You can have a backgammon board set up in a matter of minutes.

The set up for backgammon is easy. The board and the game pieces usually come together in the box. If you are someone who has been playing backgammon for a long time, then you may already have your very own board and game pieces.

The boards are found in any department or game store. They can be bought for little money and make awesome gifts for any child or adult.

To set up the board, you have to take it out of the box and place it on a table or flat surface. There should also be thirty game pieces of two different colors. Take them out and divide them by color to each of the players. These will be known as your game pieces or checkers.

Along with the game is a pair of dice. These dice are used to determine the number of moves each player can make with their game pieces. Each player will take turns rolling the dice and moving to the opposite end of the board.

The object of the game then is to get all fifteen of your players to the home board and the off the board completely. The first player to achieve this is considered the winner of the game.

The board set up is fun and easy and the clean up is even faster. You can even play this game on the go. You can have fun and excitement playing this game wherever and when ever you want. The travel boards are the same only smaller and come in a compact case. This makes it easier to keep all the pieces and board in one place so that they do not become lost. You can keep these in the car or in the office for safekeeping.

If you do not want the typical cardboard board, then you may decide to make your own board. You can do this with wood or plastic or any other lasting material. If you are an avid player of the game, this may be the right idea for you so that the board does not get worn out too quickly.

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