Backgammon set up

If you are someone who has played the game backgammon then you know how easy it is to set up. Backgammon set up is fast so that you can start playing the game right away. If you have ever player checkers, then you can set up for backgammon. The principal is generally the same for both.

Backgammon board can usually be found on the backside of a checkerboard. The game pieces that come with them can be played for both games. This makes it convenient for the player who likes to play both checkers and backgammon.

Object of the game The object of the game for backgammon is also similar to checkers. The main idea is to get all your game pieces to the home board and the eventually off the board all-together. You do this by taking turns rolling the dice and moving your game pieces with whatever number comes up on the die.

The game comes with fifteen game pieces for each color. There are two colors to the game. The most common colors for backgammon are black and red. If you have a fancy game board for backgammon, then you may have game pieces that are silver and gold or something similar.

To start the game I in a fair way, the two players will roll one die. The player with the highest number will then move their game piece in accordance with that number. Each player will then take turn rolling the dice and moving their pieces or checkers.

Who wins? Whenever a player gets all of his or her game pieces off the board, they are considered the winner. If you have more than one person who wants to play the game, you can always have backgammon tournaments. Have the winner’s play the winner’s and the loser’s play the loser’s. This is a fun twist that you can add to your family game night.

If you are someone who likes to play backgammon on the Internet, then there is no board set up at all. This is nice because all you have to do is enter the site and with a click of the mouse, you are ready to get started playing backgammon. Playing online is the same as playing with a board and game pieces at home. The only difference is, there is no mess to clean up when you are done.

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