Backgammon Tips

The game of backgammon is one that can change quickly because there are so many moves that can be made. If you are new to backgammon, some of our tips are geared towards teaching you how to play, and then other tips are geared towards helping you learn the strategic moves of how to win.

Keep yourself, concentrating during the entire game. Remember where your points are, and where you are heading next. Don’t move until you are sure why you are moving any piece.

Think about what you are doing. Is this move going to give your opponent a point, or a try at a hit on your side?

You don’t have to play aggressively all the time. Think about strategy and how to get that piece to where you want to hit off the pieces of your opponent before you worry about making points late in the game.

If your player has points early on in the game, try to get similar type points early. Don’t let your opponent get two far ahead of your game in points.

Get an anchor piece in place when ever possible. These are great strategic places to be on the board instead of risking the loss of your own pieces.

Try to always keep an even number of pieces in the slots where your highest points are. This will help you avoid being hit by your opponent which means it is more difficult for your to lose points overall.

When you find you have a choice between hitting or getting a point, go for the hit if you are not going to be hit in return. This will take off a piece of your opponent’s pieces and will help your game later on as the game progresses.

The bar point is known for giving your seven points. This is a risky position, which is why it is more valuable. If given the choice, head over and take a four or five point because these are more secure areas, where you can’t easily lose your pieces as you can in the seven position.

The roll of your dice is going to help you determine what moves can be made, if you will double, and how many pieces you can make at a give time. Watch the dice carefully so you don’t over move, or allow your opponent to over move compared to what the dice reveal.

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