Handheld backgammon

Handheld backgammon is a treat for gamers of all ages. What exactly is a hand held game? A game is small enough to fit in your hand to play when you are on the go, when you don’t have lots of space, or it could be an electronic version of the backgammon game.

A large variety of handheld backgammon games exist for gift giving, for special occasions, for those who are traveling, for children or adults, beginners or for those who are advanced. A few types of handheld games:

Plastic, small with carrying case, with plastic pieces

This type of handheld game is often given when someone does not have a lot of space to play a game, but when someone wants to play occasionally. Small children often lose these pieces easily but for those who are dedicated, one could play alone or with a partner anywhere. The small plastic pieces use static to keep the pieces from falling off the board or from moving when they are placed where wanted.

Hard bound, metal with magnetic pieces

Small boards that are just about as big as your hand but that are metal and contain magnetic pieces are just what you need when you want to travel and play a game without the pieces falling off the board with great certainty. This is a type of game that can be played in the home, on the train or in school so you can grab a game and go.

Electronic basic backgammon

Those who are new to the backgammon world love the basic game while learning all the moves. If you want single player or two-player backgammon the simple electronic backgammon game is what you are searching for. This game teaches all the rules without levels of difficulty being involved so the basics are learned to a great extent. For those who are young, or those who are old, learning with the handheld basic game of backgammon is a great gift idea. This type of handheld game runs on batteries and can be taken just about anywhere.

Electronic with sound and levels

Advanced backgammon strategists love this handheld game. Single player and multiplayer games are available on this type of handheld game. The levels of the game can be increased based on the needs of those who are playing. For single players looking for great excitement the higher levels will increase the concentration and gaming requirements. This handheld game is the type that runs on batteries and can be taken anywhere.

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