A General Overview of Billiards

You may love the game of billiards, but not be interested in playing in your local tournament. However, even when playing with friends or acquaintances you should have a general knowledge of the game of billiards. Here are a few rules to keep in mind:     Make sure that all billiards balls are touching when placed inside the racking triangle and strike the cue ball with the cue stick to initiate play. Anything other than a direct strike of the cue ball can result in disqualification.

If you are playing a game of billiards that requires a called shot then you must call the shot out loud before the stroke of the cue stick. Failure to pocket a shot results in the end of the turn for the shooter; however, any extra billiards balls that are pocketed are credited to the shooter.

A billiards ball is only considered pocketed when it falls in the pocket and stays there (including a ball that falls through the pocket onto the floor). If the billiards ball bounces out of the pocket and back onto the table it is not considered pocketed.

The shooter must make his/her shot with both feet set firmly on the ground. Any billiards shot that is made without at least one foot firmly on the ground is subject to disqualification.

A shooter can be disqualified from the billiards game if he/she makes a shot while one or more billiards balls is still in motion. Billiards players must wait for the billiards balls to be completely motionless to take a shot.

Any time the billiards cue ball is pocketed on a shot, that players turn is over and the competitor is up.

If a ball jumps off of the playing surface as a result of a shot, then that billiards shot is considered a foul. The ball can jump, but not move from the playing surface (floor or rail) without penalty. However, a ball landing on the floor or rail, etc. is considered a foul and must be replaced after all other billiards balls from the shot cease moving.

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