Baseball & Basic Pockets

Basic pockets billiards is the game that most typical non-expert billiards players play, while baseball billiards gives the billiards players the opportunity to showcase their ability. In other words when you are heading down to the local pool hall or take a break from your bowling game to shoot some pool, you are unknowingly playing basic pockets billiards. While the game of baseball billiards may be much more interesting and exciting for a couple of billiards newcomers to try.

Basic Pockets- In basic pockets billiards the balls can be racked with an entirely random scheme as long as all fifteen balls are racked. Basic pockets billiards does not require called shots or point value being assigned to balls, instead the object is to pocket eight balls, or over half, before the opposing shooter.

The opening shot must make the cue ball contact a ball and legally pocket it to score the ball in the player’s total. If a shooter legally pockets a ball then he/she continues his/her turn until a ball is not legally pocketed. If the shooter continues his/her turn until they have gone over eight total balls pocketed then he/she wins and the game is over.

Baseball- The game of baseball billiards is played with 21 balls that are placed almost as far back as they can be on the table without touching the back wall. The opening shooter then takes a shot and any ball that is pocketed by the opening shot is put in the opening shooter’s overall total points. In baseball billiards each shooter is given nine innings to take as many shots as they can without fouling.

A foul or illegally pocketed ball ends the inning and the next one begins. The shooter is given the combined number of points for each pocketed ball during an inning. For instance, the seven and eight balls pocketed during one inning count for a total of 15 points for the shooter. The player with the most points after each player has a separate nine innings wins. If a player pockets all the balls before the end of his/her nine innings then he/she gets to re-rack and continue until the end of the nine innings are achieved.

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