Billiards Tournament Rules

To engage in any kind of tournament it is very important that you know the rules and billiards are no different. Playing billiards can be mentally challenging, but not overly physically taxing, but it is still important to know what you are engaging in. Here are a few tips for aspiring billiards competitors:

* Every player must know the basic rules and regulations of the game of billiards. Like the law itself, you can’t get away with just saying that you didn’t know the rules.

* Make positive that your billiards equipment is regulation size and quality. Don’t end up losing your opportunity to achieve local, regional, national, or international billiards fame because you were using a non-regulation cue.

* Don’t incorporate parts of the equipment into a shot or shooting system, make your billiards bridges work with your cue and your hands. Billiards tournaments do not allow the use of balls, chalk, cues, etc. to enhance a shot.

* Pay attention to what triangle is being used to rack the billiard balls on each billiards table, the same triangle should be used on the same table for the duration of the tournament.

* DO NOT BE LATE!! Not every tournament is the same, but regulation tournaments require a player to begin play within 15 minutes of the start time or forfeit the match.

* Be comfortable planning shots or strategies on your own, most billiards tournaments do not allow contestants to ask for assistance in the planning or execution of a specific shot.

* If you lose a game in your specific billiards tournament you should exit the playing area immediately, some billiards tournaments will disqualify you from the next match for failure to do so.

* Perform all shots and plan for all shots in a timely fashion. Some billiards tournaments allow the referee to impose a time limit if a player is moving too slow.

* If play is suspended in your match of the billiards tournament, do not attempt a shot! If you do so you could be disqualified!

Obey all these rules and enjoy your game of billiards!

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