Carom Billiards

The game of carom billiards is quite a bit different from most billiards game with the first and most obvious change being that carom billiards has no pockets. In its earlier form carom billiards was played on a table that had a grid of rectangular boxes that generally drove the playing of the game. Now, the game is mostly referred to as three-cushion billiards as it requires most shots to contact three walls or cushions before striking a ball for the shot to be considered legal. Here are a few variations of carom billiards:

*   Cushion caroms generally played by two or three players with one clear ball, one white spot ball, and one red ball. The opening shot must have the cue ball bounce or carom off of one or two cushions before it touches the red ball. After the opening shot the shooter must simply carom the cue ball off of one or two cushions and then contact either the clear or red ball. Every successful shot counts as a point for the shooter who can continue shooting until he/she doesn’t complete a shot. *   In four ball caroms the usual set of three balls (the clear, white, and red) are used as well as a pink ball. The scoring works by the cue ball caroming off of one or two cushions and contacting the balls. If the shot caroms and contacts two balls it is one point for the shooter, if it contacts three balls it is two points for the shooter. The goal as usual is for to outscore your opponent and you continue shooting until not making a legal carom shot. *   Straight rail carom billiards uses the standard three ball carom set used by most carom billiards players. The players should agree on the goal for a predetermined point goal to declare the winner before the carom billiards game begins. As usual the shooter remains up and at play until he/she doesn’t connect on a standard straight rail carom billiards shot.

Carom billiards is a great way to learn how to make carom shots without the worry of having to pocket a ball. However, it would not be wise to engage in a game of carom billiards with money on the line unless you are a experienced carom billiards player.

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