Cribbage & Cut Throat

Cribbage- The game of cribbage is run on the idea of combining shots to equal a total of fifteen points. In other words, no scoring is done unless the shooter pockets consecutive balls that add up to be fifteen points in total. This requires the shooters to be very aware of where the balls are and to be very skillful in arranging combination and carom shots to meet the requirements of the fifteen point total. The balls are racked 1 through 15 with 15 being in the middle and the balls on either corner not being able to add up for 15 points.

The goal for the winner of a game of cribbage is to make five separate consecutive shots that add up to 15 points; each 15 point combo is referred to as a “cribbage”. Eliminate the 15 ball and then start with 1 and 14 which would be a “cribbage” each combination after that, (2-13, 3-12, etc.) constitutes a “cribbage”. After all of these cribbages are achieved the 15 ball becomes a cribbage in and of itself, which allows for a total of eight cribbages in all.

Cut Throat- The billiards game of cut throat is extremely popular in social circles that play billiards for fun and entertainment. The balls are racked in a standard triangle with the 6 and 11 balls at back opposite corners and the one ball up front; all other balls can be placed at random. The game must be played by at least three players with the 15 balls being evenly separated into groups that are assigned to each player. The point is to pocket your opponent’s balls before they pocket yours.

Cut throat can be played with shots needing to be called or not, but the rule should be discussed and settled on before the game begins. The shot must contact the cue ball and then first contact an opponent’s ball, if an opponent’s ball is then pocketed then the shooter continues shooting until an opponent’s ball is not legally pocketed. An illegally pocketed opponent’s ball is re-spotted and when one player’s balls are all pocketed he is eliminated, the first to be eliminated breaks the following game.

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