Equal Offense & Internet Equal Offense

Equal Offense- The game of equal offense was created by Billiard Congress of America Master Instructor Jerry Briesath and uses some of the concepts of 14.1 continuous billiards and the popular game of Bowlliards. The shooter continues shooting until he or she makes a foul, illegally pockets a ball, or reaches a maximum score for the inning or frame in which he or she is shooting. The shot must be called prior to the shooter engaging, but the call only needs to be the ball and the pocket, no caroms or kisses, etc. need to be called.

The shooter gets credit for all balls pocketed on a given shot so long as the shooter pockets the ball he or she called before the shot. Each inning after the opening inning starts with the shooter who scored highest in the previous game and goes down from there. The game is played with the standard set of 15 balls that are racked normally and the maximum number of points scored in one inning or frame is 200 before the shooter must give up the shot.

Internet Equal Offense- Internet equal offense uses the standard set of rules for the equal offense billiards with the obvious change being that you are playing via the internet against competitors from across the world. Jari Kokko of Finland and Sven Davies from the United States created the game that has taken off worldwide and can be played by anyone with a direct line to the internet. You can play with a dial up connection, but like most things, to really enjoy Internet Equal Offense you should have a high speed connection.

Most online sites that offer internet equal offense require a monthly membership that is very inexpensive and designed to work for the consumer. The beauty is that you need no formal billiards equipment and don’t have to get out and go to a smoke filled pool hall or bowling alley to play the game. Come home and put on your pajamas, find a comfortable chair, and eat your dinner as you play your all important tournament of internet equal offense.

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