Honolulu & Line Up

Honolulu- The billiards game of Honolulu, like many billiards games, is essentially a variation of another billiards game. One pocket billiards scoring is kept by counting the amount of pocketed balls and the first one to eight, or over half of the balls on the table, is declared the winner. This same concept is used in Honolulu, but with Honolulu there is a little bit of a catch as to what is considered a legally pocketed shot. For a shot to be declared legal it must be caromed, kissed, or “kicked” into the pocket.

It doesn’t matter what ball goes into what pocket, but the shot must be called and MUST carom, kiss, or kick off of another object on the table. If a shot is pocketed on the opening break then it does count in the overall point total and a player with a pocketed ball can continue to shoot until he/she no longer does so. The goal is to pocket the ball off of anything but a straight shot and the first one to eight legally pocketed balls wins the game.

Line Up- Another billiards game that essentially expounds on another billiards game is the game of Line Up. Line Up is basically a variation of 14.1 continuous that awards the winner to the first person to reach 150 points or any other predetermined point total. Any legally pocketed shot counts as a point for the shooter, including the opening shot, and if the shooter legally pockets a ball then their turn continues until they fail to do so.

Line Up allows the shooter to continue shooting until illegally pocketing a shot or fouling repeatedly, meaning they can pocket all but the 15 ball until the last shot. When the 15 ball is pocketed, if the shooter hasn’t officially reached 150, then he or she will re-rack the balls and begin shooting again. This is a game that is ideally played between experienced players since a score of 150 could take several hours for a less experienced player to reach.

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