Mr. and Mrs. & Pea Pool

Mr. and Mrs.- Mr. and Mrs. is a billiards game that combines the ideas of other billiards games, rotation and basic pocket billiards. The game is best played between two players but can be played with as many as six if the situation calls for it. The basic idea is that each ball counts for its number value and the first player to reach over half of the points, 61 in a two player game, wins the game of billiards. A legal shot must contact the lowest numbered ball on the table first to count the pocketed ball.

To make the game even if it is being played between players with widely varying levels of expertise, the more experienced player could be held to the idea of the first contacted ball being the lowest numbered ball while the less experienced player can contact any ball on the table first. This eliminates the need for the less experienced player to attempt shots that are near impossible without years of experience and makes the more experienced player show his or her talent to win the game.

Pea Pool- Pea pool is a very fun game to play in large groups or parties because it creates a good amount of intrigue and skill to win the game. You may also have to have a little bit of luck since the game starts by simply picking a small piece of paper out of a bottle or shaker. The number on the piece of paper you draw is the first part of your winning equation and you must make it equal to the balls you pocket on the table to achieve a winning score. This is where the game is different from the popular game of forty one, you must equal the score on your paper, not total the two together.

By the pocketed balls equal the numbered piece of paper you pick out of a bottle or shaker you have eliminated the possibility of another player guessing your strategy. The shooter can attempt to pocket the ball that he or she has the number for from the shaker and if he or she does so then the game is over. If the player doesn’t have that ball available in a shot then he or she can pocket another ball and the player that has that number loses a point.

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