Poker Pocket & Six Ball

Poker Pocket- The game of poker pocket billiards combines the intrigue and skill of poker with the skill and talent of billiards. Poker pocket billiards is played with one more ball than extra which totals 16 balls in all on the billiards table. Four of these balls are to be labeled with a J for Jack, four are labeled with an A for Ace, four are labeled with a K for King, and four are labeled with a Q for Queen. Two or three players can play the game and the object is simple, make a better poker hand for your self than your opponents.

Each player can pocket up to five balls in one inning or frame and after doing so is done with his or her “hand” of poker. The player doing the opening break is credited with any legally pocketed balls and continues until he or she has pocketed five balls. The object is to have the best hand and the scoring is just like in the popular card game in that the best hand is four of a kind (four aces or kings, etc.) then it is a full house, three of a kind, two pairs, a straight, or a simple and basic pair.

Six Ball- The object of six ball is much like the object of rotation in that every legal shot must first contact the lowest numbered ball on the table before it pockets another ball. The rack is simply just six balls in any random order as long as the six ball is placed directly in the middle. The balls have absolutely no point value when scoring is concerned, the only object of the game is to pocket the number six ball.

If the opening shot makes contact with the one ball first and then contacts the six ball then the game is over and a new game must be started. Much like other games of rotation, the shooter can stay at the table and continue shooting as long as he or she legally pockets a ball. This game is very attractive to players looking for a quick and easy game without the concern of the game dragging on for hours. It is not uncommon for the game to end on a single shot or several shots.

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