The billiards game of rotation is where many of the billiards games get their basic principles of game play. For instance, seven ball, nine ball, and ten ball come from the basic idea of rotation, but the actual game of rotation is as challenging as any billiards game can be. While the shooter isn’t required to call the shot that they wish to hit they are required to hit the lowest numbered ball first in an effort to make more difficult shots.

The balls are racked with the number one ball on the tip and the two and three balls at the back corners, the fifteen ball should be directly in the center of the rack. Scoring in rotation billiards is based on the point value for each individual ball, the point value being the number on the ball. The shooter gets credited for every legally pocketed ball on each shot, a legally pocketed ball being one that is pocketed after a shot hits the lowest numbered ball on the table first.

Every time a shooter pockets a ball legally he/she is entitled to continue shooting until the shooter does not legally pocket a ball. The goal is for a shooter to accrue more points by pocketing high numbered balls than his/her opponent. Since 120 points are possible when totaling all 15 balls, any shooter who gets to 61 points at any time during the game is declared the winner of the game. There is no final shot needed to win in rotation billiards as there is no object ball, the only object of the game is to score more total points off of legally pocketed shots than the opponent.

Rotation billiards is very similar to many other sports in that it is required of you to simply outscore your worthy adversary. While it does demand a skilled player to dream up shots that can first hit the lowest numbered ball on the table before pocketing a ball it is also easier to understand for newcomers to the game. Hit the lowest numbered ball on the table first and then pocket any numbered ball on the table, tab the points and enjoy!

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