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While many people in America don’t regularly play a game of snooker, some haven’t even heard of snooker, the game is very popular throughout the world. In England snooker is actually the most widely watched television sports program in the country, but in American it is only recognized by the billiards enthusiast. How did snooker get its start in America, England, and throughout the world?

Beginning as a simple variation of pool named pyramid pool by regulars and it was more or less a variation of life pool or black pool. The game really started to gain steam when it was modified by Sir Neville Chamberlain around 1875 as a regiment soldier in India. The game gained steam by being played by the soldiers in that English military and continued to grow and vary until its modern prestigious spot in England.

The billiards game of snooker is complex to beginners, but the following guide will explain the basics to beginning a game of snooker. Just begin with a standard full size billiards table that goes 12 feet by 6 feet and make the necessary adjustments for snooker. The table will begin with 22 balls in all, the 15 red balls, 1 white (cue) ball, and one pink, yellow, brown, blue, black, and green ball.

The yellow, brown, and green balls are placed side-by-side in that order on one end of the table approximately six inches apart. The blue ball is placed in the center of the table and the pink ball is on the opposite side of the table from the yellow, brown, and green balls. Finally, in between the pink ball and the black ball is the racked triangle of 15 red balls. Now, your table is set up and ready to play.

The yellow ball is worth two points, the green is worth three, the brown ball is worth four, the blue is five, the pink is six, and the black is worth seven points. There are a variety of different ways to play snooker once you have the game set up and ready to go. The game can be played by newcomers, but mainly it is played by more experienced billiards players and it is best to have an experienced snooker player explain to you how to play the game.

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