Tips for the Billiards Enthusiast

The use of billiards equipment is very important to any billiards playing enthusiast, but what about the use of popular tips? If you are going to continue to ascend to the top of the billiards playing world, then you must know what the billiards experts are doing. From how you are going to use the cue to your advantage, to the importance of using a bridge in your shot, to learning to use a specific shooting system, you must know how to use the game to your advantage.

You must start from the very beginning of becoming a great billiards player, selecting a comfortable and effective cue. Make sure you have selected a billiards cue that fits in your hand with a light grip on the back hand with a sizeable shaft. When shooting it is important to stand in a very particular and strategic position, that keeps the front planting hand and the back shooting hand in a perfect line.

The bridge with which you use to shoot the billiards ball is very important to the success of the shot. A bridge is what you create with the billiards cue and your outstretched hand for the shot. Depending on how you open the hand that the cue straddles you can make or break your shot. There are several different bridges to consider, from the open and closed bridges to the stretch and rail bridges, you should try a variety of shots to see how you feel most comfortable or how you are most successful.

After finding out what cue is best for you and what bridge shot is best for you, then you must determine the best billiards shooting system for you. You could be the Average Joe pool player and just step up to hit the ball and hope some go in the holes, or you could use a specific system of shooting. Try shooting with English (hitting with spin to the left or right), or with stop shots (making the cue ball stop a game ball), or use draw shots (to make a ball move and roll back past the cue ball.

Kobe Bryant doesn’t score a lot of points just because he wants to; he scores a lot of points because he has a system of getting comfortable with the ball, getting comfortable with his shot, and developing a system to score. Every successful billiards player must do the same to be a success.

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