Chess Tournaments - Dreaming about Winning

You love to play chess, but you live by your self. Therefore, this means that you cannot play by your self. Chess is a two-person game. You know that you can get on the computer and play chess that way, but you would rather play it the real way.

You go to your friends house every evening to see if he/ she wants to play they usually said yes, but they are getting tired of it and keeps telling you no now. You're not sure what to do now you cannot think of anyone else to play with that would be a challenge.     You go to work, and your telling people about this and ask them if they have any ideas for you. They tell you that they are not to into the game chess. You give it a couple of days of not playing it at all. You go to work a couple of days later, and your one buddy that you work with a lot tells you that his dad likes to play chess also.

Therefore, you get a hold of that guy to see if he would like to play chess with you some evening. He tells you that he would, but he is in a chess tournament. He gave you all the information that you could possibility gets. They have been having these tournaments since eighteen fifty-one. They have the tournaments in many different cities too. They also have a certain type of tournament chessboard that is used at the tournaments.

You decided to sign up for these tournaments, and they call you the next day to let you know that you are able to join the tournaments. You ask them when you could start showing up, they tell you to be there at a certain time that same evening.

You get there and play the tournament, and you keep up going every evening, a few months go by, and you end up winning the tournament. When you went to work the next day you tell your buddy about winning and he congratulates you on what you did. You thank him and tell him that this is the most fun that you had playing the game chess.

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