Different Types of Chess Boards

The chessboard is pretty much the main thing of the game. You need the chessboard to even play the game. You cannot just have the pieces and try to play chess. You cannot just have the board and no pieces to play either. You need the chessboard and the chess pieces to play chess the right way.     There are so many different types of chessboards to choose from. The wooden chessboards are made from a lot of different types of maple wood. There are also different colors of the wooden chessboards. You could even find a home made wooden chessboard. The prices of the wooden chessboards vary from fifteen dollars to one hundred and thirty dollars. It all depends on the type of wood it may be made with. The wooden chessboard is the most common board that is used.     Plastic chessboards would be the best type of board to let your children play chess with. It would be hard to ruin a plastic chessboard. Brass and metal chessboards would be very easy to scratch. You would have to be very easy while playing with this type of board. Marble chessboards would be another one that would be hard to keep from getting scratches on it too.     There are a lot of types of chessboards that you may not even want to use to play with. You may want to keep them as collectibles. After so many years of being untouched, they would be worth a lot of money. The leather, stone, or glass chessboards would be the ones to keep for your collectibles. If you want to you could even keep the marble, brass, and metal ones as collectibles also.     The theme chessboards you could either use for fun or even as a collectible. Depending on what the theme is. If it is a theme that is not around too much any more, you should keep it as a collectible. If it is a common theme, you could use it for what ever you want to. The neatest chessboard yet is the magnetic one. It even has an easy way to store it you can roll it up. There are a lot of types of boards to choose from. It is all in what you like.

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