Do you have to be smart to play chess?

There is some connection that is thought of as playing chess involves being really smart. This is not the case for most people. You do not have to be a brain to play chess. You can be one of the smartest people or the biggest dummy and still learn how to play chess and eventually become a great player.

There is minimum brainpower required to play chess. You can play with a small child or an adult and you will get the same satisfaction from the game. All you have to do when you are trying to figure out this game is to have some patience and some learning power. You will have to have a good instructor to teach you the ropes of the game. If you do not have someone to show you how to play, you can always find a great book that will teach you the in's and out's of the game.

Some very smart people cannot get the hang of the game chess. They may try for many years to master this game and still have no luck with it. The key to the game is to be convinced that you can learn it and get all of the rules and regulations down so that you can become a great player of the game.

Chess is not for nerds either. You do not have to have a pencil case in your pocket and duct tape on your glasses to play chess. You can play chess and be good at it no matter if you are the most popular person in the world or if you are the geek of the town. There are so many myths about the game of chess and the associations of the people that play it. Many people should realize that it is a mind tingling game that can grab the attention and gain the attraction form many people no matter what their IQ or their social standing.

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