Starting the game of chess

If you are sure that you are in full understanding of the game chess, or at least close, then you are ready to play. The first thing that you need to do is set up the board in a location where it will be steady and supported. You can add the pieces to the board and put them in the proper location. Once you have all of this ready, you can then begin to play the game of chess. It is going to be the White side that moves first. This is the reason that many players want to be the white player in the game. White makes the first move and then you just take turns there after. You are trying to checkmate the opponent's king while taking as many chess pieces as you can along the way. It is very important that when you move your chess piece and go, you are beyond the point of no return. This move is final. If you move to a square and keep your finger on the top while thinking it is ok to go back and decide on a different move. You need to be sure about where you are moving each play. This is why the game takes so long to finish in most cases. When a king has been attacked and can be taken on the next move but can escape, it is called a check. This is just like when you announce that you are going to castle. You need to use good manners and announce to your opponent that you are going to "Check". Checkmate is what will end the game. There are three other possible endings to the game of chess. One is stalemate or draw meaning that the pieces that are left are not good enough to win with. Another possibility is to resign. A game can become one sided and the advantage is too high for the other player to take on and this is when they will make the decision to resign. You should not give up too easy in the game of chess. The last outcome is the draw even though a checkmate is a possibility.

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