What is the outcome in the game of chess?

Not every game of chess that is played with has a checkmate for the ending. Many of the professionals will end the game and resign before they are mated. They will find that there is no longer any hope of winning the game and they will give up. They will give the win to their opponent with dignity. In some of the chess tournaments, wins receive one point and recorded as 1-0 when the white wins and 0-1 when black wins. The beginners of this game are going to be confused by the reason behind the resignations. They are not sure why a person will give up on game that should have a winner and a loser. When there are evenly matched opponents in the game, they will often end their chess game with a draw. A draw is when there is no winner in the game. The draws are recorded as 1/2-1/2. This is having a pointer rather than a full point for the essential win of the game. There are six kinds of draws to discuss for the game of chess. The draw by agreement is the most common. This is where you can offer a draw to your opponent. You should do this on every move, but use some tactics when you are considering this technique. Stalemates are when the player that is next has nowhere to go. They will call the stalemates when they are left with no other option in the game. Perpetual check is when a player usually not always with a queen can deliver check regardless of the square chosen by the opponent's king. There is no escape from the checks. Threefold repetition is where you or your opponent can claim a draw if the same position occurs three times in a same game. This will occur with the same player to move. You need to make sure that your score sheet is accurate to claim this move. Insufficient mating material is when neither opponent has sufficient moves to win either player can then claim a draw. The 50-move rule is the nicest rule. After 50 consecutive moves by both players, no pawn move or capture has occurred and either player can claim a draw.

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