Where did the game chess come from?

The origin of the game chess is secure. Many of the chess historians have been trying to answer the questions that many people have wanted to know about the game of chess. They are fascinated in the game and are willing to find out the facts for sure. The fist spotting of chess appeared in the year 600 in India. It was adopted in Persia in 700 and was taken in by Arab culture around 800. The Arab people are responsible for introducing the game into other cultures.

There have been no original chessboards found to determine the true concept of the game. There have been many scientists that have found the original chess pieces but they are not sure what they had to do with the game. The evidence that most people have for the game of chess has all come from literature.

Duncan Forbes a professor of oriental languages published the book "The History of Chess" in 1860. This was a book that confirmed the India theory as the birthplace of chess nearly 5000 years earlier. Of course there has been many other finding since then about the game of chess.

Forbes work was defiantly marked with errors and the integrity of his scholarship was called into the question. The task was put upon H.J. Murray to consolidate and verify the work of his predecessors, Thomas Hyde, Forbes and Antonuius van der Linde. There have been many others to contribute to the history of chess as well.

The earliest evidence of chess is also not the clearest. Forbes believed that the game chaturanga referred to as a four-player game using dice and was mentioned in the Puranas, which was introduced back in 3000 B.C. Murray showed that the four-player version came after the two-player version, discarded the dice and refuted the dating of Persia.

The entire history of chess is very fascinating to anyone that is involved deeply in the game. It is some thing that is worth taking the time to find out about and understand. This is very interesting and will help a person better understand the game and the concept as well.

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