FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006

There are universal truths in every aspect of the world and the world of video games is certainly part of this world. Video games have very few avenues that are almost guaranteed success stories, but one continues to rise in respect and authenticity. The world of video games has long been in love with the world of sports and the feeling is most definitely mutual. While America may be behind the times on the surface of enjoying this sport, the world is infatuated to an extreme degree. With this in mind, FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 has become one of the more popular video games on the market today.

The first interesting part of the FIFA World Cup: Germany 2006 video game is the ability to play with the heroes of soccer. Their moves are authentic and their appearances are stellar, meaning your character will really look like he is playing side-by-side with the elite in soccer history! If you aren’t interested in that type of thrill, another thrill is to skip right to the good stuff and enter a game already in the “Penalty Shootout Mode” where you have a chance to become a hero yourself! There is no bigger time to become a hero than to come through in the clutch and this is as clutch as it gets!

Want to become part of the biggest sporting event in the world? Play as one of 127 national teams from six global territories in the World Cup by either beginning as a qualifier or becoming one of the 32 teams in the final rounds themselves. Not enough? Do all of this in part of the Global Challenge and take on any number of obstacles to get the most points possible and become a true champion. Overcome a deficit in the final minutes or hold on with your best players on the bench, either way, you can overcome all the odds!

Again, as is the case with many games in the infancy of PSP, the game play in FIFA World Cup is bad in most instances. You can have a good time and you can feel like chucking the device across the room in the same breath! Try it for yourself and find out what you think!

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