Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

As you know there are about a million different reasons for you to pick up a video game and enjoy the cheap thrills and escapes that it gives you. You could simply be a lifelong fan of a cult classic movie that you want to play out for yourself, you could simply want to carve out a place in sports history for yourself, or you could simply want to get an escape from the real world into a world where you didn’t have to answer any questions. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories will give you the last of these three opportunities if you so choose to open your PSP and pop in the Universal Media Disc.

Toni Cipriani is ready to get things back on track with the powers that be in Liberty City as he is back to the forefront of the crime world from his stint in hiding. Killing a made man forced him to take a break from the spotlight, but a true crime giant can only stay away for so long. As you know, when you kill a made man you have opened up a major can of the proverbial worms so getting back into the good graces of the rest of the crime underworld won’t be easy. How exactly will you make it out of this gigantic pickle? There is only one way to find out!

For those that have played the game before this may seem a bit repetitive as it features some of the same maps and areas as previous Grand Theft Auto games. While those that haven’t played the game will find that same fact to be a strength of the game, along with the endless line of other strengths that the game boasts. The least of which includes the graphics and awesome detail of the areas in which you will drive and hand out your business to the people of Liberty City. The Grand Theft Auto series has undergone a flurry of criticism in the media, but is second to none among adult gamers who want a release from the real world!

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