Killzone: Liberation

In the video game industry there are always the latest fads and fancies to overcome, but there are a few genres that seem to withstand the test of time. When it comes to games that you just can’t get away from and don’t want to put down you always turn to the action and adventure genre. Most gamers are male and for most young males nothing tickles the fancy like a game mired in the toil of war. For those in this same boat there is no reason to not try the PSP game, “Killzone: Liberation”.

In this yet to be released action thriller you are back in the action after the end of the events of the first Killzone thriller. After your battles on the side of the ISA Command against the separatist, Heighast, faction you are thrust back into the world of Killzone. You remain in southern Vekta still trying to overcome the hold of the Heighast. The Heighast General, Metrac, is still making a violent surge on the area and it is your job to help seize the area to keep him from gaining even more power. You must continue to help the ISA troops fight for justice and loyalty, but it will be more difficult than you think.

The benefits of this version of Killzone are the improved camera angles and the fact that most of the characters that you recognize will return to the action. However, you must now overcome newer, more powerful guards and some trained packs of killer dogs that would like nothing more than to make you lunch. The makers of the game boast better use of weapons and vehicles along with a better tactical command system, which is definitely good to hear.

After the events of the first Killzone you were more than just overcome with the difficulty of overthrowing the Heighast, you were frustrated with the game play. The developers promise a better product this time, but we will just have to wait for the finished product to find out for ourselves.

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