MLB 06- The Show

There are universal truths in every aspect of the world and the world of video games is certainly part of this world. Video games have very few avenues that are almost guaranteed success stories, but one continues to rise in respect and authenticity. The world of video games has long been in love with the world of sports and the feeling is most definitely mutual. America’s pastime is certainly one of the most enjoyable games to play on any video game console, but the enjoyment of MLB 06- The Show is completely different. Here’s a brief review.

When it comes to MLB 06- The Show the first major difference with this and most every other baseball game is your ability to become a major leaguer yourself. No, this isn’t just another cheesy opportunity to create yourself with all of your ratings being set at 99 and you being darn near perfect from the start. No, this is your chance to be a normal Joe at the minor league level and try with everything you have to put together impressive performances to be invited to “The Show”. It is not as easy as you may think which leads us to the first batch of complaints for the game.

The “Career” mode is awesome because you do have to start from scratch and try to become a star, but it is maddeningly frustrating at times because of the glitches in game play. You may be a pitcher making it closer and closer to the next big move and give up what appears to be an innocent single to left field. The next thing you know the left fielder decides to take the play off and stare at the ball until everybody on base has crossed home plate and become another reason that you will toil in the sticks for a little longer.

Finally, the play of the game will continue when all runners score and your ERA has skyrocketed, sending you back to play a little more “A” ball. Aside from minor errors in game play like that one the game is overall very enjoyable and quite addicting. Try to become the next superstar or be left toiling as just another ballplayer in the minors!

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