Madden NFL 2006

There are universal truths in every aspect of the world and the world of video games is certainly part of this world. Video games have very few avenues that are almost guaranteed success stories, but one continues to rise in respect and authenticity. The world of video games has long been in love with the world of sports and the feeling is most definitely mutual. One of the longest running and most successful sports video games are from one of the most real, authentic, and successful coaches in the history of football. This is a review of Madden NFL 2007.

With every new season of sports video games comes a new series of changes to the game promising to make the overall experience more exciting and enjoyable. Madden NFL 2007 sweeps in change in the form of advanced controls for the running game. You can now play as the lead running back and immediately switch to the running back after the whole has been opened … during the play itself! Obviously, this takes a little time to get used to, but once you do you won’t be able to put it down and you will be depressed when playing any earlier version of Madden!

The Madden series of NFL football video games is good on any video game system that you decide to play, but there is a serious difference now for those who play the game on PlayStation Portable. The main gripe of all PSP players is that some games seem to be just “playable” on the PSP instead of being built for it specifically. Madden is one of the first games to be built specifically for the PSP, meaning the game plays superior to almost any other game out there for Sony at this point.

Ask most players of Madden, or the PSP itself at this point, what their number one complaint of the game is and almost all when unflinchingly say “load time”. While the game sometimes takes forever to load you sit twiddling your thumbs, but hey, like you aren’t just wasting time anyway, right? At least this way you may end up putting down the system at a decent bedtime!

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