Making Your DVDs PSP Ready (Software)

You may have bought the PSP solely for its game playing capabilities or for the great screen that will allow you to purchase DVDs from retail outlets for viewing during trips or the like, but did you know it is more powerful than that? Did you know that you can transfer your existing DVD library into PSP ready video for you to view anytime and anywhere? It is as simple as purchasing the software and hardware that you need to make the transition possible, this tutorial has to do with the actions you must perform on your PC to make the transfer possible.

First, you must have a DVD “decrypter” that will allow you to “rip” the DVD to your hard drive without losing any of the information that you need to view the video at its best. After you have searched for and purchased the right DVD “decrypting” software for you then you need to begin the process on your PC, using any number of tutorials online to walk you through the process. Remember, this tutorial is not to teach you “how” to do the transfer, but what you need to make it possible.

Second, you must find software that will transfer the video from its existing format into a format that is supported by your PSP, such as PSP Video 9 or the like. What this does is take the format of the video that plays on your television and transfers it to a video that will play on your PSP, since the PSP doesn’t support most conventional video methods. Once you have purchased this software and, again found the right online tutorial to help you set it up, then you are ready to convert your DVD to a PSP viewable movie.

Finally, you are ready to copy the DVD to your PSP player or memory device (also using the PSP Video 9 or similar software). This process isn’t simple and it is suggested that you use the tutorial of an expert to help you with the experiment unless you are an expert yourself. In which case, you probably wouldn’t be reading this!

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