Making Your Video PSP Ready

You may be ready to give your PSP the old “Heave-Ho” as you continue to battle with it to find a suitable way to convert your video to your PSP without destroying the whole thing! This may seem like something that will require a ton of extra software in addition to the bundle of cash you already laid down to get your equipment, but fret not, this is actually a process that is quite easy. Here are a few easy tips to get you started with the process, but a more in-depth online tutorial may be more suitable if you are of the “tech impaired” crowd.

* The number one thing to remember when you are using your PSP is that nothing seems to make any logical sense in relation to how to use the equipment itself. For instance, you must have a memory stick to begin saving your video, etc. which makes perfect sense, but there is no default way to save video at first. You must actually define a “root” path in the memory stick to begin downloading or transferring the video. This information is readily available online, so don’t chuck your PSP just yet! * Since it is by default the “Mecca” of the gaming industry you will see a lot of Japanese writing in file areas on your PSP when trying to download audio or video. This is not a complete loss for you if you don’t happen to speak Japanese, there is usually a box to input your English translation to aide you in using the equipment. However, the naming of your files will still cause frustration as it is perilously difficult to understand at times. * Make sure that you have the right amount of space on your memory disk or the right speed of download is being used to complete the task you want to complete. Nothing will be more frustrating and confounding to you than to go through the whole process of transferring only to run out of space or have a distorted image playing on your screen!

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