Medal of Honor: Heroes

In the video game industry there are always the latest fads and fancies to overcome, but there are a few genres that seem to withstand the test of time. When it comes to games that you just can’t get away from and don’t want to put down you always turn to the action and adventure genre. Most gamers are male and for most young males nothing tickles the fancy like a game mired in the toil of war. For those in this same boat there is no reason to not try the PSP game, “Medal of Honor: Heroes”.

This game tackles the idea of war from the start by getting to your imagination with the idea of the highest distinction for the military in wartime, the Medal of Honor. With this latest installment of the Medal of Honor series you will be fighting for your life in World War II Italy, Holland, and the Ardennes. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to overcome the perils of the earth during the war that followed the “War to end all Wars”, World War I. Take on the single player campaigns with maps to 15 unique areas to fight for the good guys during one of the darkest times on earth.

The unique environments and historically accurate weapons will give you as close to authentic of a feel to the time period as you could ever have imagined. Play by yourself, with friends, or online to enjoy the true feeling of being at war, not knowing where the enemy lies or what their next move may be. With the ease of use and powerful graphic capabilities of PSP this game will be capable of being enjoyed by even the most discriminating video gamer.

One complaint of the Medal of Honor series has been the difficulty at times to overcome the somewhat disjointed feel of the game play and weapon use. Don’t get frustrated early with this one; try to overcome the hardships with getting started. The game will provide a great gaming experience.

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