NBA Live 07

While there are several different genres that can consistently have success across the board in the video gaming world, few compare to the sports video games in popularity. Whether your passion is on the hardwood, on the gridiron, the baseball diamond, or any other field of competition you can find something to feed your fancy on any gaming console. The thrill of competition and the desire to deliver during crunch time is exciting for those of us who haven’t a speck of athletic ability. Now, it is time for you to do so just like D-Wade did during the NBA Finals on NBA Live 07.

The first and most exciting option available during NBA Live 07 is the total freestyle control, allowing you to control basketball players like you have never done before. Now that you have the total control of your player it is time for you to go up against the most impressive AI in gaming today with Live 07, do enough and you can truly take part in All-Star Weekend yourself. All of this really comes together when ESPN takes over integration of the game and makes you feel like you are truly taking part in one of the most popular games in America and the world as a whole!

Want to do more than just score some points here and there and win a few games? Try taking your franchise from the dirt and prop it up in history with the deepest NBA Dynasty settings ever with the ultimate opportunity to become part of history. Control every free agent signing and trade to put together a roster that you are proud of, but don’t stop there! Once your players are signed the job isn’t done, you must keep them happy off the court to get their maximum performance on it! Hey, the real NBA coaches aren’t the only ones who have to play baby sitter; you have to change some diapers too!

NBA Live just hit the stores so don’t be surprised if there is a glitch here and there that isn’t mentioned in this article, just take the folks at NBA Live on their previous work. It has been pretty solid.

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