NCAA Football 2007

While there are several different genres that can consistently have success across the board in the video gaming world, few compare to the sports video games in popularity. Whether your passion is on the hardwood, on the gridiron, the baseball diamond, or any other field of competition you can find something to feed your fancy on any gaming console. The thrill of competition and the desire to deliver during crunch time is exciting for those of us who haven’t a speck of athletic ability. There is no higher pressure situation these days than taking the field during the final minutes of a major college football game, don’t believe me? Try it for yourself in NCAA Football 2007.

Up front, EA Sports did have to go back a little bit for the video gaming giant that they are and take a little bit of a chink in their armor by recalling limited copies of the initial release of this version. Some games had tremendous inconsistencies in game play with balls being spotted incorrectly and at times the game was impossible to play. EA stepped up and said some were faulty and allowed buyers to trade theirs in for a new copy and a discount on their next EA Sports purchase. Now, on to the good stuff.

The game itself is great as usual, even though dynasty mode “only” going 10 years deep is frustrating to some as it just isn’t enough time to turn Arkansas-Pine Bluff into the dynasty you dreamed of. ESPN integration continues to improve the sports gaming industry overall as it adds to the realistic feel of the game itself and it is no disappointment with NCAA Football 2007. Try taking on some of the biggest rivalries in history and recruiting the best athletes in the world to raise your program, just don’t cheat, or you will be caught!

As long as you stay away from one of the explicitly flawed copies of the game, which is as much luck as anything else, you will not regret purchasing this game. Especially if you are a hardcore college football fan yourself!

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