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Yea, you may be using your Sony PlayStation Portable to play your beloved video games until you are blue in the face or bleary in the eyes. Yes, you may even be using it as another avenue to see just really how “Stella Got Her Groove Back”. You may even be savvy enough to use it to watch television shows that you have recorded to watch during your busy schedule. However, have you mastered the ability to surf the net using your Sony PSP? Didn’t think so, here’s why you should!

* The PSP Browser is not, I repeat “NOT”, going to be as powerful and easy to use as your browser on your PC, but it will put your cell phone browser to absolute shame. It is truly supposed to be a “full-feature” application in that it will show most sites how you see them on your PC, but some may not translate as well and you may have to tinker with those particular sites. * Most people who have the wireless internet accessibility in their homes will use a wireless standard of 802.11b or 802.11g, the Sony PSP uses the 802.11b to gain access. It is already preconfigured for this type of use so all you have to do is figure out the other issues to get yourself online with your PSP. * You do have the ability to download audio and video to your PSP from the internet and you can use up to three browser windows at once to do so. There are three very easy to use tabs at the top of your browser to help you toggle back and forth, adding to the ease of the PSP browser itself.

The benefit of the browser and its awesome WiFi capability is for those who are looking for an “all-in-one” entertainment product for road trips. With gaming and viewing capabilities you can entertain yourself for a time, but the ability to log on to the internet in a WiFi friendly hotel with your PSP can offer a totally different type of entertainment experience. Take advantage of every use for your PSP and get the most out of your PSP dollar!

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