PSP Web Browser (Cont’d)

You have now heard of the awesome benefits of using your PSP to access the internet from any WiFi capable environment, but how do you use this tiny browser inside of your entertainment equipment? Not all of us are gurus when it comes to this handheld entertainment so a little tutorial in some of the finer points of the Sony PSP internet browser may be useful. Get your little piece of electronic heaven in your hands and follow along to learn how to get the most from your PSP.

> This may strike the fear of God into your already shaky heart, but the way to enter a web address into your browser is much like using the keypad on your cellular phone. For instance, the number 2 on your phone corresponds to “ABC” while one button on your PSP grid will have “ABC2”. Each click will move you down the line of letters until you reach the one that you want to use. > The D-Pad and the Square button are your main buttons to use to navigate a web page itself, the D-Pad to hover over the page until you find the link you want and the Square button to scroll down the page. The PSP is actually user friendly in that it isn’t quick to scroll too far since that is a difficult thing to manage sometimes, in other words, you won’t scroll to the bottom in one fell swoop (causing a raining of expletives). > If you are opening separate browser windows during your surf session then you need to master holding down the square button and pressing the buttons on the top of the device. This allows for an easy use of the browser to open different topics at once.

There are obviously small tricks of the trade that you can learn to make this process a lot quicker and more efficient, but these tips will get you on the way to mastering your PSP web browser. Make sure that you are following these instructions to get online before getting frustrated and heaving your PSP across the room in a frustrated episode. Enjoy your PSP and use it to the fullest!

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