Playing Music on Your PSP

There is little that is more popular and discussed among mainstream America these days than the MP3 players that allow you to keep your entire music collection in the palm of your hand. Who doesn’t love playing their favorite tunes from one place instead of placing CD after CD into the in-dash disc player while bobbing and weaving through traffic? Those who can achieve this status are not only a lot happier with their music selection, but are a lot less likely to slam into the back of the next Hummer on the interstate trying to change between “Sheryl Crow” and “Wham!”. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use your PSP to listen to your music.

First, just like you must do when you get an MP3 player that is specifically designed for this, you must first move your music collection from your CD player to your PC. To do this you must “rip” the CDs to your hard drive, meaning you put the CD in your PC and open a program like Windows Media Player. It is as easy as clicking on “Rip” and you are moving your tracks in an instant. Once this is done then you are ready to start the next phase of the process.

Second, you must purchase a USB cable that is compatible with your PSP to connect it to your PC, and then press the home button on the PSP. Select the “USB Connection” option to prepare the device and press the X button, meaning the screen should be displaying the words “USB Connection”. Once this is done you should have a message on your PC about a new “USB Device” being found.

Finally, after you have opened the drive that houses the PSP and create a folder named PSP or the like and then make a music folder inside of that. Once you have put all the music files you want in the folder, press the “O” button on the PSP and get ready to rock your favorite tunes! Or something like that.

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