SOCOM Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2

In the video game industry there are always the latest fads and fancies to overcome, but there are a few genres that seem to withstand the test of time. When it comes to games that you just can’t get away from and don’t want to put down you always turn to the action and adventure genre. Most gamers are male and for most young males nothing tickles the fancy like a game mired in the toil of war. For those in this same boat there is no reason to not try the PSP game, “SOCOM Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2”.

The slogan of the SEALs is the same as the slogan for this game, “Wherever freedom is threatened, the SEALs are there.” Who wouldn’t want to play a game where it is your sole mission to defend the freedom of your family and friends? In this game it is your mission to command the most elite and respected deadly force unit in the world … and nobody knows that you are even there! The better you command your unit and accomplish your goals with swiftness and efficiency, the more points you will improve, giving you more power and punch for the next mission.

This edition of SOCOM allows you to fight through 10 new multiplayer maps with all new combined assault story arcs and action. Don’t believe that you are years behind in this action, the producers of this game ensure that you will be using realistic SEAL team tactics, missions, and weapons. If you can do it and you can manage it, you can overcome anything the game throws at you, you are a SEAL after all!

Without this game having been released it is hard to know what the downfalls of the game play or AI are, but it is realistic to believe there will be some flaws. However, the ability to change the order of your missions for “asymmetrical mission structures” should allow you to be able to play this game over and over without becoming nauseous!

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