Star Wars Battlefront II

The people who comprise the video game industry are not a dimwitted bunch; they understand that the video gamers of the present aren’t just happy with sports titles, blood, and guts. No, now the gamers are a sophisticated bunch that wants a good storyline to go with their endless hours wasted sitting on the couch with eyes glued to the television screen. Now the industry has stepped forward and tapped the popular culture of our country for the storyline of an epic video game. There is no more popular and intricate story than that of the George Lucas masterpiece, Star Wars, and now you can join in with Star Wars Battlefront II on PSP.

With Star Wars Battlefront II you are not just getting to step into the “galaxy far, far away” but you are getting to do so with exceptional game play and an unbelievable story line. Fight through battles and missions that build on top of each other to make your final goal an incredible climax. Take your fight all over the galaxy and take part in combat all over the world with every character you saw on the big screen. Don’t think that you will be disappointed with the change in graphics from the movie to the game, Star Wars Battlefront II does not disappoint in this department!

The number one complaint with Star Wars Battlefront II is the difficulty in learning how to play the game and get used to the overall “feel” of the game. Many gamers find the game ultimately frustrating in the beginning, but after getting that “feel” for the game they can’t put it down and can’t wait for the next edition to hit the shelves. You can hear the music playing in the background and you can feel the deep bass beginning when those from the dark side enter the screen. Don’t let the force go to the “dark” side, take full use of the “force” and become a Jedi in your own right!

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