The Con

There are a million reasons why fighting solves nothing in the real world, the least of which is the fact that win or lose you are bound to be in a little bit of pain at the end. Add to that the potential time behind iron bars where you could unknowingly become the lover of a very large, violent man and fighting becomes even more of a moronic nuisance than before. However, the beauty of playing a video game is that you can take out that angry, violent feeling that you have after an exceptionally bad day and either kill or be killed. Then, you can go to bed at night and go back to work the next day! In that breath, you will love The Con on PSP.

Right out front I will warn those of you that need a deeply interactive game with a great story line that this may not be the place where you find satisfaction. The game is essentially that you go fight on the streets and you try to set up the fight where you can make a killing by either betting on yourself … or betting on the other guy and taking the fall. The game could just as easily be called “The Hustle” and the point of the game would still be almost the exact same. Your goal is to either win the fight and move on or simply set it up in a way where you walk away with a pocket full of cash and a few bruises.

Complaints of the game vary from the usual gripes about the game play to the generally repetitive feel of the game itself. As was mentioned before, you essentially fight over and over in an effort to take money from those who don’t understand that the fix is on in the situation. However, those who just love to click on the system to get away from the real world to let out a little stress and frustration will find a great amount of satisfaction from playing The Con.

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