The Godfather: The Game

The people who comprise the video game industry are not a dimwitted bunch; they understand that the video gamers of the present aren’t just happy with sports titles, blood, and guts. No, now the gamers are a sophisticated bunch that wants a good storyline to go with their endless hours wasted sitting on the couch with eyes glued to the television screen. Now the industry has stepped forward and tapped the popular culture of our country for the storyline of an epic video game. Now it is your time to “join the family”, it is your time to repay, “The Godfather”.

In the movie we saw Marlon Brando step forward in his neighborhood and become the man that everyone turned to … Vito Corleone … “Don” Vito Corleone. Now you are a small time, petty thief, in New York City that has finally grabbed the attention of the Corleone Family, first in the person of Luca Brasi, Don Vito’s personal strong man. After being accepted you work your way through the ranks from a lowly debt collector all the way up to possibly becoming the head of all five families in New York. It won’t be easy, but it will be fun!

With this game the most stunning feature is the authenticity of the world around you as you can drive from place to place in New York with all landmarks and places of fame in place. Go to the Bronx, rule Brooklyn, or any other spot in this dark corner of the world. The most amazing part of the game is the interweaving of the most dramatic scenes from the movie falling in to place, from the horse’s head in bed, to Don Vito himself going down in a heap of produce on the street with poor Fredo crying his eyes out!

The only downfall of the game is the feeling when it is over that you have accomplished everything and nothing is left to achieve … but the game doesn’t seem to end! Also, some missions, like those that involve driving will border on the impossible in terms of being able to actually complete your objective. Small complaints from a game that hits the spot!

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