Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

Rarely is there a game in the vast expanse of the video game universe that bears the name of the best player in the sport and is also enjoyable. Many players have tried and failed to become the name of the game in the industry but ended up looking like massive failures in front of the world at large. As if we needed to see Tiger Woods excel at something else in amazing fashion he has repeatedly done so with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. Becoming a giant in a game that has taken off like golf is something that you have the opportunity to do in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07.

As you train in mid-week and do endless challenges to improve your overall ability the only thing that is going through your mind is putting on the green jacket. Career mode in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is arguably the best of any career mode for an individual sport in the video game world today. You continually try to improve and set your eyes on taking down Tiger himself, putting on that green jacket, and ultimately winning The FedEx Cup as the top golfer in the world today.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is by far the best graphics ever for a golf game on any system, which is saying something in comparison to the previous Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf games. Your maps are improved and the courses themselves seem to come to life as you step up to the tee and try to make the game come to you. Don’t want to create yourself? Just play as any number of players on the tour today, including 11 new players for this version of the game itself like John Daly and Luke Donald.

This version has yet to hit the stores so the problems with it are hard to say at this point, but remember, frustration is a part of golf itself … not just this game. Try to enjoy ESPN taking a hand in improving the game and playing an endless amount of real and fantasy golf courses engineered just for you! Get that club in your hand and get ready to play, but remember, there are no mulligan’s here!

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