Transferring from DVD to PSP with MAC

So the title may look a little bit like a code, but this article is intended to help you get your DVD collection from its current form into a form that you can view on your PSP with the help of your own MAC. This isn’t an overly difficult process and can actually be done in a few steps if you are savvy enough with your computer to not get confused shortly after logging on. Go find your DVD collection of the first two seasons of “Lost” or the first five seasons of “Three’s Company”, whichever works, and get ready to be able to view them on the road!

The first thing that you need to do is download a specific piece of software that can help you rip your DVD to your MAC, a program like DVDBackup will do the trick if you can find it. What this will do is rip the DVD to your hard drive on your computer so you can begin the process of transferring the video to your PSP. The DVD video should transfer to your hard drive in a specific file once you begin to rip it, make sure that you make note of where right away to avoid some intense frustration.

Next, it is important that you can transfer this file into a single file to be able to have it ready for work with the all-important PSPWare software that you will have to use to ultimately transfer the DVD to the PSP. Programs like HandBrake and the like can make this move possible if you can find that particular program on the internet, which is not usually difficult. After moving the file to PSPWare then you are ready to sync your PSP with your MAC to begin your viewing experience!

Finally, you have made it to the last step and successfully synced your PSP with your MAC to complete the process of transferring your DVDs. Now, just repeat this process every hour for the next few years and you will have every episode of “The Simpson’s” at your fingertips!

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