Understanding Your PSP

You may be considering your next major purchase in the video gaming world and this is the article that will make it all a lot easier for you. With the portability of Sony’s PSP you are taking in a piece of equipment that can be played anywhere at anytime, but did you know that it can play practically anything? You can surf the web much like a Blackberry, watch television like a Video IPod, listen to music like an MP3 player, play video games like you are at home on your couch … and you can do all of this … on your way to the family vacation destination.

* If you are simply wanting to play games you can store a good amount of data on the internal hard drive that houses about 32MB of data. Extra storage space can be purchased with a memory stick or UMD that can go into the multiple GB storage possibilities. It all depends on what you want to do with your device. * The ability to view videos through RSS (Really Simple Syndication) from video podcasts, news clips, and user created videos from the web. Access to the web is easy with the built in browser on your PSP that has WiFi capability via an 802.11b wireless router. * MP3 music files can be played on your portable entertainment device that is easily maintained with a lightweight design powered by a lithium-ion battery. Getting the files from your PC to your PSP is easy with the use of a USB cable and a Memory Stick Duo slot from your device. * Take advantage of the ability to download television shows and movies from the internet, not to mention purchasing movies from your favorite retail outlet. The awesome 4.3” TFT-LCD screen provides the best picture on a handheld device that you have ever seen.

These are just a few of the benefits and perks of the PlayStation Portable device that has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Enjoy your video in a whole new way with the purchase of this genius piece of equipment from the folks at Sony!

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