Using Your PSP with Tivo

Nothing will change your television related life more than the use of a little box of genius called “Tivo” and nothing is more versatile in our new “smaller is better” entertainment society than PSP. It only makes sense that you take care of both of them at the same time, doesn’t it? The good people at Sony and at Tivo are continually trying to make it easier for those with both pieces of technology to be able to use both, meaning you can record on your Tivo and watch the same shows the next day on your PSP. Here’s how it works.

It all begins with you setting up your Tivo with the technology that Tivo has created called “TivoToGo” that makes this all possible. With your Tivo Series 2 box (This does not work with Tivo Series 1 or DirecTV Tivo boxes) you must set up your home network with a PC or Laptop, making it possible to move the files from your Tivo to your PC via the wireless home network connection.

Next, you must set up your computer with the Tivo Desktop Version 2.3a for Windows so you can make your computer get automatic transfers overnight from your Tivo. Once the content is on your computer the Tivo Desktop software will walk you step-by-step on how to get your video to your PSP from your computer. You can also do other fun things like view your pictures from your PC on your television or listen to music from your PC on your television with the Tivo software.

Once you have completed the process of watching your Tivo content on your PSP you can once again completely change the way you watch television! Record content for your next business trip or get ready for the family vacation by downloading fun movies … all with a few easy clicks of some simple software! There is no better portable screen to watch content on than the PSP and no better source of your favorite television shows than Tivo!

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