Essential Accessories for Your Wii

The Wii system comes with everything you need to start having fun right out of the box. The console, Wiimote, Nunchuk, even batteries and the Wii Sports games are all included. But there are inexpensive accessories for the Wii that every gamer will want right away.

One that most will want to pick up at once, if they don't already have one, is the GameCube controller. This classic-style controller was the device used with the Wii's predecessor, the GameCube. It's perfect for all those legacy games that just can't be played any other way, and many contemporary ones, too.

The GameCube controller has a more modern cousin made just for the Wii, the Classic Controller. It's a superb add-on for those who want to explore the hundreds of legacy games available at the Virtual Console online site. Many of those can be played with a GameCube controller, but the Classic is just right if you don't have that earlier game console version.

There is even a wireless version of the GameCube controller called the WaveBird. Using the Wii's built-in Wi-Fi support, this device frees players to use the system up to about 30 feet away. That's particularly helpful for multi-player action games where the gamers need to spread out. Nyko makes a similar wireless controller, too.

While we're talking about wireless, think about how your Wii is going to connect to the Internet Channel, Virtual Console, or other great online spots. The console has Wi-Fi support built in, but it has to communicate with something.

If you already have a wireless home network, you're in business. But you don't have to rush out and purchase a wireless router (and figure out how to set it up) to get that same value. Nintendo has an ultra-small, ultra-simple Wi-Fi USB Connector that performs that same service.

Just plug it into any USB port on your home computer (assuming it is already connected to the Internet) and Voila! Wireless Internet connectivity in the simplest form possible.

Don't forget about something to store all the stuff you'll find on the web, though! The Wii system contains only 512MB of internal flash storage, so an SD card is a must.

The Virtual Console lets you download legacy games to store internally, but you'll want to move the ones you don't play often to free up space. The SD card is perfect for that. It's also essential for storing images from the Photo Channel, Wii Message Board, and other sources. Videos you can playback on the Wii fit just right, too.

Finally, since the Wiimote, the GameCube, and the Wavebird all use AA batteries (the Nunchuk gets its power from the Wiimote via an attached cable), a charger can be really helpful. Any good AA hybrid charger will let you charge up four at a time and the advantage of the hybrid style is that the batteries are ready to go out of the package.

Pick up a few accessories for your Wii and amplify your fun without draining your wallet.

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