Racing and Flying Games for the Wii

One of the great things about games is the chance to do things you might never otherwise do. Racing and flying are two good examples. How many of us are going to race an Indy 500 car or fly a WWII fighter plane? The Wii lets you do that and a whole lot more.

You can get in the driver's seat with Mario Kart, with the zany character who is always ready to zoom and make you laugh at the same time. You can enter a Grand Prix or be part of the Mushroom Kingdom racing circuit. Single player or multi-player, this game gets your blood racing.

Transform the Wii Remote into a Wii Wheel to take hold of the action. Use the Nunchuk to control character movements. Boost the speed by giving the Wiimote a shake and you're on your way. Become Mario, Luigi, or any of his other friends, or use your favorite personalized Mii character. Play with up to 12 people using the Wii's Wi-Fi connection.

Now enter the 'real' world and become a NASCAR competitor with Nascar Kart Racer. Grab the steering wheel and compete for the NASCAR Sprint Cup as you jump rivers, dodge falling boulders, and speed through dangerous terrain.

Become any one of 14 different NASCAR champions or ten other animated characters. Speed off at the drop of the checkered flag, then slingshot around the track to race ahead of your competitors. Watch out for that oil slick! Whew, that was close.

Select up to 24 different race layouts that wind through deserts, race along freeways, zoom through canyons, or many other settings. Enter the Daytona International Speedway and get ready to go. In the blink of an eye you can be at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

Now head off for the sport's biggest event in the Indianapolis 500 Racing game. Reach speeds of nearly 200 mph in a 1960s-era racing car that crouches low over the track. Crashes come thick and fast in this high-speed race to the finish line.

Play with the legends - A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, and Parnelli Jones - as you maneuver around the track. Join 30 other rivals as you all race for the finish line trying to avoid the crowd. In this arcade-style game you'll dodge oil slicks, cars spinning out of control, and that ever-present quick-death from the wall.

Now leave the track and head for the skies in Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII. Be part of the air combat at Pearl Harbor as the Japanese attack the Hawaiian port and bomb U.S. battleships. Fly over to England and join in the Battle of Britain as the Luftwaffe tries to pound the UK into submission. Engage the enemy in the Pacific in authentic WWII fighter planes.

Use the Nunchuk to fire, brake, and accelerate. Command the squadron with the Wii Remote. Tilt it sideways to bank and turn as you race away from the enemy to come back up from behind. Break through the clouds with your machine gun ready. Now bombs away as you take out enemy battleships and tanks near the shore.

Whether on the ground or in the air, you're in control while racing or flying to your goal with one of these superb Wii games.

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