Role-Playing Games for the Wii

One of the major attractions of any game is the chance to become someone else for a few hours. It's like acting without an audience or having to memorize lines. A role-playing game gives you the chance to be anyone or anything in the world of your imagination.

With a Wii role-playing game like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess you become the character as you roam the Twilight Realm of Hyrule. Control Link's journey through dungeons, forests, and towns. Use the Wiimote to fire his weapons, the sword, arrows, and boomerang.

Ride Epona across the land and face mysterious enemies. Vanquish the evil-doers with fist or sword. Transform into a wolf and skulk through the shadows. Solve puzzles along the way to unlock caverns in the Ordona Woods and use Midna's magic to bring light back to the realm of darkness.

Now come back to the 'real' world of Barbie and let your young girl enjoy some of her many adventures. As the main character in Barbie Horse Adventure: Riding Camp she'll have the chance to develop some real horsemanship skills. She'll get to compete in time trials, leap barriers, and earn trophies and medals for her skill and daring.

Because she is Barbie she gets to customize her wardrobe before doing all those things. Then mount any one of 15 different horses for the ride to the champion's circle. Each one has a distinct personality and she'll need to work well together with her horse to win the prize. They'll get to know one another as she feeds and grooms the horse, then it's off for a lesson with the handsome riding instructor.

Now grow up and become a doctor who works at the hospital in Trauma Center: Second Opinion. As the physician, it's up to you to cure the sick and heal the wounded. Diagnose strange illnesses and set broken bones. Perform heart surgery or remove a ruptured spleen.

With the Wii's unique motion-sensing Wiimote and Nunchuk you'll have the chance to use scalpels, syringes, and much more as if they were the real things. Charge up the defibrillator paddles and revive a heart attack victim.

You can choose from dozens of different life-threatening scenarios, each one more complex than the previous one. At every step the life of the patient is in your hands as you exercise every brain cell to learn what to do in time. Far more intricate than its popular Nintendo DS cousin, this Trauma Center game will have you and your assistants on edge for hours.

Become everything you imagine with a role-playing game for your Wii. Step into a mysterious world and do battle with evil ogres. Ride a champion to victory with all eyes on you. Learn how to save a life under the most intense pressure. In short, use your Wii to transform yourself into the person of your dreams.

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