Simulation Games for the Wii

Simulation is one of the oldest types of computer game, but still one of the best. Everyone has heard of SimCity, but there are dozens more that offer a wide array of 'worlds' to build.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is a good example. You can create the kind of community that conforms to your ideal. Relax and go fishing or just collect shells along the shore. Watch fireworks with your virtual friends. Take a leisurely shopping trip or decorate the house. You make up the story and let the events unfold any way you want.

You choose the wardrobe for the characters and select all the furnishings. You can hop on a bus or get familiar with the local wildlife. Talk to the animals and find out what's on their minds. Then go hunt for some easter eggs or go trick-or-treating before you check out the sale at Gracie's Boutique.

With multi-player support for up to four players, it allows you to use your favorite Mii character. You can also use the DS Suitcase mode to transfer your character from your Wii console to a neighbor's.

Now travel to a mystical land in MySims Kingdom. Only you can help King Roland solve his problems there. But you'll have plenty of help from Princess Butter, Buddy, and Chef Gino. Begin in The Capital and work your way outward to the farthest reaches of the realm.

As you roam the kingdom you can build bridges and fences. Create windmills and set up the water pump to irrigate the land. Rebuild the dilapidated islands by solving the numerous challenges presented. As you succeed, the difficulty level rises and you're presented with ever more difficult tasks. Mastering them earns points and the gratitude of the sovereign himself.

Take on an even bigger challenge in Zoo Hospital, where you are tasked with treating dozens of animals. There are 48 different species who all need your help. You graduate from Veterinary College and right away Aunt Lucy summons you to meet the emergency. Working with her, you'll build the zoo up as you treat all the different inhabitants.

Using the Wiimote you can zap a virus with a laser. Use the Nunchuk to extract a tooth and cure a painful toothache. Join with another player and you'll both earn plaques honoring your contribution as you see your medical ratings rise.

Now enter the world of equestrians in My Horse and Me. You can take part in competitions at riding rings around the world. In Championship mode you can move from rustic stables to world-class tournaments in the blink of an eye. With accurate horse characters and dozens of variations, you'll never run out of contests. Train with the best instructors and get your picture taken when you take first prize.

If you want to build a world, a simulation game for your Wii provides the perfect opportunity. You can create cities from scratch or build a zoo. You can create a horse jumping contest that would challenge the finest rider in the world. You are at the center of the world.

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