Wii Action Games

Some gamers enjoy a puzzle. Others want to role play. Still others are seeking adventure. Action games cover all these territories and more. With a Wii action game you can explore the unknown and test your wits to unlock a mystery. You can do it while pretending to be a favorite character. All along, you want to get your adrenaline pumping with a great action game.

Lego Star Wars is a great example. Star Wars lets you stretch your mind to encompass that huge galaxy far, far away. You take on the mantle of Luke or Han and explore the events from the six Star Wars films. You fight the evil empire with all the futuristic weapons devised by Lucas and crew. Take off in the Millenium Falcon. Talk to a Wookie. Zap an evil Storm Trooper with a light sabre. Explore the unknown and risk life and limb to save Princess Leia.

Super Mario Galaxy provides a great twist on a legacy character who continues to be popular year after year. Battle enemies from planet to planet as you zoom from one to the next. Perform death-defying feats as you conquer gravity using the Wiimote and Nunchuk to control your destiny. Run and jump over alien territory as you evade super-powerful villains. Act alone or team up with a partner who can watch your back.

Enter an entirely different kind of world in Rayman Raving Rabbids. Giant cartoon spiders chase you through the jungle as you rush away to safety. Do battle with crazed Evil Rabbits as you explore the World of Rayman. Tame sharks or ride a rhino as you roam a land stranger than any you've ever seen.

Re-enter the 'real' world by answering the Call of Duty. You'll experience the thrill and terror of close-quarters battle. You'll watch the clock ticking as you attempt to disarm traps. You'll stretch your will and sinew to the limit as you engage in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy.

Choose a mission and then take off. You'll hunt down enemy hideouts, then blow them up with the latest explosives. Out flank your opponent as he tries to stop you from completing your mission. Fire away, then it's on to the next dangerous task as the Allies march onward. Enjoy the action with up to 16 players.

Zoom off to another off-world experience with Metroid: Prime3 Corruption. Become Samus and use the Wiimote to fire against any approaching danger. Fire on the run using the Nunchuk. Protect your flank with the Grapple Beam or Morph Ball as you blast away in midair.

Samus Aran the Galactic Bounty-hunter is under attack by the Space Pirates. Only you can save the day. Just around the corner lurks danger. Be prepared. Solve the puzzle to unlock the key to the mystery. Beware the shadows that hide the enemy and be ready for anything in this alien culture.

Explore the world of action games on the Wii system with any of hundreds of choices. Solve mysteries, participate in adventures, risk life and virtual limb at every turn, all the while the fate of the universe rests in your Wiimote and Nunchuk filled hands.

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