Wii Classic Games

With all the complex, sophisticated games available today it's easy to forget that many of the classics retain their allure. There's a reason, after all, that they call them classics. That's because they offer a style of play that never goes out of style.

Carnival is a good case in point. Even after 100 years, people still enjoy playing Dunk Tank, Ring Toss, Shotting Gallery, and many others. Adapting those classic carnival challenges to the world of Wii was a natural. You can win classic prizes, too. You'll rack up stuffed bears, goldfish, and 250 others as you enjoy any of these 20 different games.

Try your hand a Skee Ball and find out what your grandfather is talking about when he brags about being the best in town way back then. Toss a ball at a stack of three milk bottles that works just like the real-world game. Toss Darts at balloons using the Wiimote and fire at ducks in the Shooting Gallery.

Then move on to the Big Brain Academy and test your mind the way Carnival tests your coordination. Great for kids who want to sharpen their skills, it offers games to Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute, and Visualize.

With Art Parts you can Visualize as you stamp missing pieces onto an unfinished scene. You can Compute in Balloon Burst as you try to burst the balloons in just the right numerical order. Identify the distorted object that whizzes past in Fast Focus before it returns to normal.

Move on to some real challenges with Mental Marathon as you and your team speed through to buy more time. Play game show style in the Brain Quiz against up to seven other players. Choose one of the Mii characters to help you.

To really put your brain to the test, try Smarty Pants. With 20,000 questions that range over eight different categories, you'll never run out of challenges in this game. It offers multiple levels of difficulty so players of all ages can find something to stretch their mental abilities. It also allows you to import Mii avatars to make the quizzes even more fun.

For some truly classic games try the Hasbro Family Game Night. Long-time favorites like Boggle, Battleship, and Yahtzee will keep you entertained all evening. You won't have to worry about losing any of the pieces with these virtual versions of the classic strategy games from one of the most successful game companies around.

Let Mr. Potato Head be your Master of Ceremonies as the whole family joins in the fun. Anyone from 4 to 104 can enjoy these classic board games. The virtual versions offer many new challenges over their physical counterparts.

Generation after generation some games continue to be considered great fun for gamers of all ages. Look into some of these all-time favorites and find out why.

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