Wii Fit

Gaming has a reputation for encouraging couch potatoes. The active play made possible by the Wii Remote and Nunchuk certainly show that isn't the case with Nintendo's system. The new Wii Fit 'game' really proves the point.

Wii Fit has dozens of ways to get you off that couch and get your blood pumping. Along the way, it provides many ways to measure your progress and show you a healthy way to lose weight and get or stay fit. You can set goals, discover your Wii Fit Age (using your BMI reading), test your center of gravity, and more.

There are over 40 different activities that make working out more fun and more beneficial than ever. Use the Wii Balance Board to improve coordination, develop strength and balance, and burn calories all at the same time. Block soccer balls, do power hoop twirls, and more as you shed weight and build a whole new you.

The Wii Fit software will guide you by using safe, age-appropriate yoga exercises, muscle stretch routines, or aerobics. There is a range of activities that run from slow to fast, easy to near-impossible. You can start at any level appropriate for you and work at whatever pace suits you best.

Learn how to achieve good balance as Wii Fit shows you how to find your center. That improves your posture as it guides you easily to keep yourself properly aligned. Poor posture leads to compensation that you might not even be aware of, which the Wii can help correct.

The Wii Board helps you improve the muscle tone needed to keep you standing and walking well. It supports up to 300 pounds and lets you perform a number of routines that lead to improved overall health.

Wii Fit gets you started right by creating a profile that uses your personal data to build just the right routines for you. It's fun, too, as you choose a personal Mii avatar to help you on your way. Enter your information and take a few quick, simple tests so the Wii Fit software can select the best options for you.

Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) so you can decide where to concentrate your fitness efforts. Take a basic balance test to measure your left/right tendency and determine your starting level of control. The system will assign a Wii Fit Age to guide your future efforts.

Select from any one of four basic categories - Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga, and Balance - to work on the area you want to on any given day. Your own Virtual Personal Trainer will help guide you at every step. As you gain facility you earn credits that unlock new exercises and fun activities, so you can use the Wii Fit software for years. Great for skiers during the off-season, too, who want to develop their skills in preparation for winter.

Get your heart pumping, build muscle tone and strength, shed calories and improve your appearance and self-confidence using Wii Fit. Have fun at the same time with the Super Hula Hoop, Rhythm Boxing, and much, much more.

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